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Marc Keezer                                
Lyndon Township Residents, sunset at Sugarloaf Lake
I can be contacted by telephone: 734.475.2401 or email:

Our website is a great tool to get information about Lyndon Township. 
In addition, I encourage you to attend the township board meetings. You will be given
an opportunity to address the Township Board and witness how
decisions (that may effect you) are made by the Board.

Internet Availability
Sprint has a tower at M-52 and N. Territorial.  Sprint has high speed internet
available if you are within range of its tower. Call Sprint for more information.

Verizon now has a tower at M-52 and Boyce Road. Verizon internet is available
if you are within range of its tower. Call Verizon for more information.

AT&T has a tower with internet capabilityat N. Territorial near Stoffer/Hadley Road.
Call AT&T for more information on their service.

DSL may be available if you are
within a short distance of the City of Chelsea.   (Residents on parts of Werkner,
Waterloo, and Mester Roads enjoy this service.)

Public Safety
If you are concerned about receiving tornado warnings, there are several
inexpensive NOAA weather radios available. They are designed to automatically
turn on 24 hours a day and advise you if there is severe weather expected in
your location.  We have some information available at the office and they are
also listed on the internet (just Google “weather radios”).